What to do in Frankfurt?

Have you come to your Frankfurt conference by air? Do you find airports just noisy, hectic and a necessary evil for getting from A to B?

Frankfurt - A flying experience

Or maybe you're fascinated by airports and air travel? By the thousands of people from all over the world and the stories behind them – whether they are travelling for business or leisure. You are probably already aware that Frankfurt is one of the world's largest airports. And maybe you've even already taken one of the many guided airport tours, visited the visitors' terrace and were impressed by the background logistics – mostly out of sight yet crucial to the smooth and continuous running of the airport and flight operations. Have you ever fancied being in the pilot's seat yourself?

If you don't have a pilot's licence, here's the next best thing. Frankfurt is home to Germany's largest flight simulation centre. Take off on a top-secret helicopter mission. Or fly a jet full of passengers safely to Dubai in a thrilling, adrenaline-packed and unforgettable experience for your conference attendees or employees.